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ZYPREXA FOR SALE, When you put out a casting call, especially for generals, you (well, I anyway) cross your fingers and hope that you'll get a good number of responses, that you'll have full days of seeing great people.  After all, I think that as a director my most important job is casting.  When I do it right, the rest of my job feels easy.  When I'm less on with my impulses - well, the road... 


Tonight was the first rehearsal of Girl in the Goldfish Bowl COLCHICINE OVER THE COUNTER, .  We've assembled an amazing production team, a stellar cast, and the script is just fantastic.  I love this play.  I'm excited that we're going to bring it to life.  I've been really looking forward to this evening's rehearsal.  And then we were told that we weren't allowed to "congregate" in our home,... 
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