New Leaf Theatre creates intimate, animate theatrical experiences which renew both artist and audience.
That is our mission. It is what we do, every day, every time we hit the stage to present a work of theatre. But what does it actually mean? To the members of New Leaf Theatre, the concept of renewal is central to everything we do. Renewal, for us, is about touching the lives of everyone we come in contact with, from audience members to business partners, actors to designers, stagehands to company members. With every thing we do, our aim is to remind people that life can be as good as they make it. We want to touch others - audience and artists alike - with the art we create, to fill them with a sense of joy through fully experiencing life. We also seek to create a quality of work that is both intimate and animate. We want to bring a sense of intimacy and sharing, of communal experience, to the stage. We want each production we create to be animate, infused with life and soul and vigor.


New Leaf Theatre will fuel a vital, relevant theatrical community which promotes profound collective experience and renewal of life and purpose.
With our vision, we strive to promote theatre in our community for the common good. We believe that a mass sharing of ideas, a gathering of passion, a focus of social consciousness on renewal and change can only help to create a better world. We want to serve as the fuel for this community: its organizer, its energy, its conscience. Our own commitments to renewal, to excellence, growth, structure and celebration give us the drive to make this ideal a reality. By making theatre full of life and relevant to the experience of each person, we and our partners in the Lincoln Park and Chicago communities will create sparks of renewal within each individual that participates in the New Leaf culture.

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