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egyptbev.JPG BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I visited Bev a few days ago, for the first time since right after the accident.

Bev Longo had been our stage manager at New Leaf for our production of Accelerando two seasons ago. Bev is an accomplished MFA director who had worked as an assistant with Lookingglass, Cheap AUGMENTIN no rx, taught for years, but was having difficulty getting reconnected with the theater scene in Chicago and at that point was really interested in doing anything. I know her because she's also the aunt of Lilly West, my counterpart sound operator for the Albert stage at the Goodman, buy AUGMENTIN from mexico, who helped arrange the whole collaboration. Bev was quietly focused and almost religiously respectful of the theatrical process, Order AUGMENTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, and we desperately needed a capable stage manager, someone who would shepherd the project and help it grow. She sort of ended up as a mother figure for the show - running sound and projections in addition to the myriad props presets and stage sweepings and note taking that goes with stage management, BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. She certainly was the central culture rock for the cast, and remains good friends with several folks, AUGMENTIN steet value, including New Leaf regular Tiffany Joy Ross. We hoped that she'd be interested in continuing our relationship with us at New Leaf by directing one of our upcoming shows, AUGMENTIN pics, and indeed Bev was involved in the casting process for last season.

For a couple reasons, that never ended up happening, and it took me a while to understand why she ended up leaving the directing project suddenly, AUGMENTIN pharmacy, and with little explanation. Eventually, Purchase AUGMENTIN online, through much discussing with Lilly, I learned that Bev had a dream of starting a theater of her own, a dream that compelled her to focus her energies on her own work and not the often compromised collaborations with teams she couldn't always trust. BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, At the time, I didn't understand and to be perfectly honest, didn't trust that "go it alone" impulse, but now it's something I'm beginning to feel a bit more myself. That need for complete trust and focus is strong when you really believe in your own work - when you decide to put all your eggs in that basket - and I think with where New Leaf was at the time, AUGMENTIN samples, we couldn't offer her that kind of complete support of vision that she could trust to the ends of the earth, which meant the time had come for her to forge her own path. Buy AUGMENTIN online cod, Bev was arranging space for her first Chicago production, I believe, when she was hit by a CTA bus at the corner of Belmont & Clark, on August 31st, comprar en línea AUGMENTIN, comprar AUGMENTIN baratos. She landed on her head and spend the next three weeks in a medically-induced coma. Life has a way of wiping away the petty drama when you least expect it.

I don't know why I stayed away so long, BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. AUGMENTIN overnight, Maybe it was seeing her in the ICU, asleep and bandaged. Even though I knew whatever bad blood or disappointment may have existed between us didn't matter to Bev anymore, I somehow still carried that idea around, order AUGMENTIN no prescription. I thought that if she had bad feelings about her time with New Leaf, I didn't want to reawaken those memories with my presence. Australia, uk, us, usa, I tried to help Lilly with just being a sounding board, I suppose, as the family dealt with the massive change to their lives and the innumerable crazy things that happen when families need to come together again to cope with a big change. BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I didn't even know what I could do for Amanda, Bev's daughter, who I didn't know as well but was suddenly thrust into the completely overwhelming situation of being the caregiver of her mother. Bev eventually woke up from the coma, purchase AUGMENTIN for sale, and like most head trauma cases has to go through a very long recovery process, which so far has involved three very capable institutions. Where can i order AUGMENTIN without prescription, Slowly movement returned, then some speech, then some sentences with mixed up but somehow still evocative words (When she was asked where she got hurt, instead of "I was hurt in my head" she jumbled up the words and said "I got hurt in my soul.") Then, AUGMENTIN over the counter, some memories, and the ability to read and write again. AUGMENTIN coupon, In the last four and a half months, Bev has retrained her neural pathways from almost scratch, while retaining many of the long-term memories of her adult life. This is truly one of the greatest battles we can face as human beings, buy AUGMENTIN without prescription, as creatures - a journey back through our mind, finding our way to our body and our words after the old well-worn path has been lost. In that journey, you have a memory of your old mind and yet you cannot find it.., BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Herbal AUGMENTIN, the whole house of cards has fallen. The cards are still there, of course, but Bev has to put them together again, AUGMENTIN cost, one by one.

I knew I was being childish about the whole visiting thing, AUGMENTIN treatment, so while we were working on Shining City - which is a play that really resonates with those that have suffered a similar loss in their family, let me tell you - I finally said to Lilly, let's go. During tech, online buying AUGMENTIN hcl, whatever, I want to see how Bev is doing. BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, And we did. AUGMENTIN without prescription, As we walked into the room, I didn't expect the constant laughter. From Bev, from me, AUGMENTIN from canadian pharmacy, from Lilly. Bev has changed, Get AUGMENTIN, of course - her scars, her mind, but her heart is the same - wide open and excited to be alive. I say her mind, ordering AUGMENTIN online, but I should be more specific - details are mixed up, like memories and vocabulary, Cheap AUGMENTIN no rx, but her cleverness and even wit are still there. Bev thrives on company, but Bev is the first person in her boat that I have ever heard of that still knows how to work her audience, BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. When she can't remember a word, she uses tricks to try to hide it ... she'll read voraciously to jog her memory.., where can i buy AUGMENTIN online. when she can't remember the word for potato she'll sneak out her printed menu from dinner and say "Oh, we had 1 starch for dinner." And then she realizes that she's goofed, Order AUGMENTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, and laughs with you. It's hard, yes, but I also see it as downright inspiring, AUGMENTIN use. BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, She is living, and engaged fully with her life, and Bev has a second chance.

She sat us down first thing and told us something, which coming from Bev is a very promising sign:

"Did you know... Buy no prescription AUGMENTIN online, I was talking with Amanda, and... I didn't realize before, but I almost died!" She walked us through her scars, AUGMENTIN natural, with excited and eager eyes, and told us of the injuries and the surgeries that caused them, Buy cheap AUGMENTIN, as pieces of the puzzle that she's been putting together since she woke up. For the first time, her short term memory has improved to the point where she is now retaining her recent past, and discussions from a few days ago, discount AUGMENTIN.

Bev began writing in a journal the other day to help herself remember, BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Her written words are that tool she can rely on. It's a tool that her sharp human mind can use to repair itself, AUGMENTIN reviews, survive and thrive. In her bedside table she reads and rereads her MFA dissertation, amazed at her own work and remembering bits and pieces of emotional detail, especially the signatures on the front from her advisors - "These are the people who liked me so much, they wrote it here." Her dream from the last year of starting her own theater and directing again has resurfaced with a vengeance. She wants to write a play about what she's been through, what she's going through, what she will go through. BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, She is writing with the purpose of remembering who she is, and her writing already reveals that she has a rich inner understanding that she cannot express yet through her damaged speech centers.

"I wanted to live, but I couldn't."

We've been talking at New Leaf about writing with our whole soul... Writing and creating with all the language that we possess, not just our words - our music, our dancing. We're trying to open up a new possibility of engaging with our work - going after the work and the themes that resonate with us from a multi-disciplinary approach. Intellect, Empathy, Touch, Music, Shape, Color... all our languages, BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Bev has always understood this kind of trust that you need to have in your own work. And she still has that trust today.

I learned a lesson yesterday. I guess i knew it before, but I have never seen it and felt a calling to it as strongly as I did when Bev read me her journal two days ago. BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Theater, and the tactics of engagement that we use in the theater, can save your life. They can give you or absolutely anyone purpose, and hope, and a reason to keep plugging away through overwhelming adversity. But you don't get to compartmentalize the experience, and you don't get to do it halfway - clapping politely, and forgetting the experience halfway to the parking garage. It's an experience that changes you. It's the hardest work you can do - opening up new neural pathways. And that means it's not just the words on the page, it's in the eye contact and the touch - in the connection, BUY AUGMENTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. It's acknowledging that we have an impossibly long journey ahead of us, and choosing to take that journey anyway, because we take it together.

God bless Bev Longo. She is one strong woman.

P.S. Anyone who knows Bev from the Chicago theater community can check in her recovery progress on Amanda's blog for Bev, OurBev.

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